It's a Sickness

AHHHH!  It's a sickness.  I am leaving for my vacation tomorrow and instead of packing, I'm sewing!  And not even fun dresses.  It's a sickness like an "I'm sewing an ironing board cover sickness".  What?  Don't look at me like that.  You've seen how gross my ironing board cover is.  In case you missed it, here's a recap:

And THIS is what it's going to be dolled up with!!


I know, you would have done the same precious hours before your vacation.  The print is a little grandmotherly, but with a modern edge.  I think.  I hope.  

I found a great little Instructable on how to make an ironing board cover here.  Rather than recap all the steps, I'll give you some of my pointers:

1) Steps Two and Three can be collapsed.  Instead of marking the fabric, cutting it, and then using it as a pattern on the fleece, I just laid out the fabric, wrong side up, layered the fleece over it, laid the ironing board over that and cut it out all together.  Like so:

Presto, chango...all cut out!
2) Be sure when you baste your fleece and cotton/linen fabric together that the basting stiches are close to the edge so they will be hidden when you sew on the bias tape.  I definitely did not do this.  Also, and this is important, be sure that the fabric is reasonably.  It doesn't have to be perfect, but a bumpy ironing board cover will totally negate all your ironing efforts.

3) When sewing your bias tape with the elastic in place: if you sew through your elastic, don't freak out!  Finished sewing the bias tape around, and then seam rip the elastic-attached parts and re-sew correctly.  (You'll know that you caught the elastic when you gather the material in the "Make it Look Like a Shrimp Step" and it doesn't gather.  I thought that was cute.)

4) When sewing the bias tape with the elastic in place (Tip #2), really yank that bias tape around.  In a perfect world, I'm sure the center fold of the tape and the raw edges of the fabric would be perfectly in line.  But it's really hard to not sew the elastic without the extra room.  Look at that picture on the right.  These are the two elastic entrances.  The bottom one is where I started, see how the bias tape is folded perfectly in half around the edge of the fabric?  The top is where I finished  See how it's a little thicker where I yanked that sucker around a missed sewing the elastic (finally).  No one was hurt in this change, and I highly recommend it.  Besides...all of this is tucked under your ironing board.

5) Step 12.  Ugh, buttons.  No.  Not that I have anything against them but between the grandmotherly print and big plastic buttons, I was worried it really would look super country.  I just sewed the elastic together.  Turned out nicely!


I think the most amazing thing about the project for me is that fleece doesn't have to be used to just make ugly hoodies (Sorry, childhood memory.  Your fleece hoodie is nice, I swear).

So there you have it!  A little trinket to remind my hottie of his domestic goddess while I'm out of town the rest of this week!  I may have one more surprise for you all before I leave on my vacation Wednesday, and there are certainly some archival surprise for you while I'm gone.    See you on the flip side!

Here's some ironing board eye candy that you never knew could exist:


  1. AWESOME! Want to make one for mine?

  2. Yes to invisible zipper. They are so super easy - easier than a normal zipper - and they look so much better.


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