The Invisible Zipper Strikes Again!

We meet again...

Hey!  I'm back!  As you may remember from the last post, I finished the Third Dress in a last minute scramble.  Though there were days left in the month, I wanted to wear it to a big fancy work function: our Food Network debut.  I got the dress done and both it and the television show were very well-received.  (And the consensus was to keep the pockets, so we're all settled there.)

But before the celebration begins, let's back up to T minus 24 hours, back to the zipper.  I sewed it wrong twice...GRRRR!  I had to use the instructions that came with the zipper itself as the original pattern called for a normal zipper.  Next time I think I'll have it for real.

The zipper was a little longer than the original patten called for as well, so I had to let out the seam a bit, but I don't think anyone can tell.  Finished zipper!:

I know, it's hard to see anything.  But it looks good.  Except for a little spot at the end.  The zipper was 22" long and the instructions called for 20".  I didn't have time to shorten it and apparently things got a little bumpy:

But unless you're looking at my butt...who can tell?  Zipper ended up a success.

..and The Useless Picture Gallery (oh yes...I faithfully photographed all the wrong ways I sewed the zipper because I was so confident I was doing it correctly each new time):

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