I'm Back!: Fabric for the Third Dress

Hello (twelve) dressers, you lovely little pieces of furniture, you!  Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane this past week, but I'm back now.  Vacation was great!   And I'll do it again soon, but for now, back to sewing....It is just about the middle of the month and the Third Dress has yet to be started.  No fears, I work great under pressure...

So, as a refresher, here is the pattern I have chosen for this month's dress:

Get it, got it, good?  Yesterday after work I headed on down to my favorite fabric stop and picked up a few yards of something lovely.  Before I left for vacation, I waxed hopeful about some sexy Alexander Henry prints.  I did not get the ones I had in mind, mainly because Gayfeathers did not have them and I'm nervous to order fabric online (...how do you get a sense of scale for the prints?  Any tips?....) No problme though, I found something equally wonderful by the same company.  A.H. fabrics are wonderful, I mean, and they come on golden bolts of fabric!   Doesn;t get much better than that.  Lots of bold colors and larger prints. See what I mean:

Ohhhhhh, ahhhhh.......Stunning.  That is the Third Dress just waiting to happen.  I can't believe that it's taken three dresses to get some black fabric.  I live in black, and solids...ask my husband, it drives him crazy.  But I'm really doing some departures for this yearlong project, non?

Anyway, the long, vertical repeat on this fabric is going to look so good on a short, fitted dress.  I can't wait!  The pop of color is going to look great as it gets cold too.  See what I mean???:

This dress is going to be awesome.  A little outside my comfort zone, but I know with a pair of black boots is will be unstoppable.  Prewash is already done, pattern cutting to begin soon!

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