I (try to) Break the Pattern Mold

So, I'm a little queasy about sizing the Third Dress.  Last time, when I jumped from a 14 back to a 10, I had stretch knit to help hug or give on any tight or loose measurements.  But now I'm back to working with 100% unforgiving cotton.

There were definitely some fitting issues with the First Dress around the bust and shoulders which I will pay special attention too.  I think a dress dummy is in my near future.  Not only would it be great for hemming, but those parts of my body which orbit between a 10 and a whatever would also be accounted for a bit more easily.  But since I don't have a dress dummy (yard sale season is pretty much over in Wisconsin), for the first time ever I am going to try to cut the pattern to mark those transitions myself.  

Like many of us, I'm not a "perfect size" in anything, and what's the point of making your own clothes if you can't make them fit you perfectly?  Along with revisiting the invisible zipper, a good fit in the ultimate goal this time around.  *fingers crossed* *seam ripper sharpened*

Anyway, here is the pinnacle of sexiness when it comes to making a dress....pattern paper.......

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