Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!
And happy it will be: I'm probably going to have the least laborius week I've had in a while!  What with this three-day weekend, and then leaving Wednesday for a family vacation, I may forget what it's like to work at all.  In addition to a break from my real world responsibilities, I'll also be taking a break from sewing.   

You won't be quite done with me though.  Before I leave I'll be sure to reveal the next pattern.  That also means I have to be sure to PICK the next pattern, too...And then, intrepid readers, I will be digging into my sewing "archives" and taking you on a magical journey of my sewing projects before the days of (twelve) dresses.  Be prepared.  We'll be gong from sentimental to insane asylum in just a few short days.

So, have a safe, happy and fun Labor Day weekend! 

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