Dress and Dart Love

I don't know why this step is always so shocking, but it is!  A quasi-dress!:

Nice, huh?  Maybe long?  Maybe not.  Damn, this is going to look so good with boots.


Let's take a time out from this macro view to zoom in on a little sewing technique that knows how to bring it.  I'm talking about the dart.  Every woman could have a few more of these in their life.  Sounds absurd?  Think again.  Darts are like tiny cupid's arrows hugging all the right things in the dress you're making.  These darts are on the back of the dress, making it ever so slightly sung around the booty.

Look at how nice mine turned out (not my booty, the darts):

That is smoove, girl.  The instructions were so clear that I will to cut and paste them for all the darts my booty argument convinced you to make.  From Simplicity:

The prevent a "bubble" at each point, make the last few stitches right on the fold and leave the thread ends long enough to tie a knot.  DO NOT back-stitch at the points.
Press the dart flat along the stitching to "blend" the stitches, the press dart towards center.
 True dat.

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