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The "one more change" I was hoping to get to before I left has happened!...you like the new look of (twelve) dresses?  Me too!  A few more to come soon, but I feel good right now.  And I have someone (and her Photoshop) to thank for it:

I have a great friend who has a great blog.  And she and her great husband, along with me and my great husband, get together every so often for a night of debauchery and board games.  (Or maybe just board games...)

Well, Lauren and I recently got together not to board game or debauche, but rather, to blog.  Headers and other design notions were on the agenda.  She's been a huge inspiration to me and we have other plans on the horizon.  I hope you will enjoy the changes, and can check out what Lauren is up to as well.  She take beautiful pictures and is a crafting guru.  (To put in in perspective, I'm trying to make twelve dresses, she has made her own wedding dress. I just got served.)

Lauren, by Lauren
Thanks, Lauren!

With that, I'm off enjoy my break.  YOU enjoy the crazy weird sewing posts I will consume your time while I'm gone, and be sure to sprinkle a bit of Lauren's in there to keep you sane.  I'll catch you on the flip side. 

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