"Archives": [Spoiler Alert!]

So far this walk down memory lane has taken you across decades, events, and styles.  Wait.  Wait a minute.  Not styles really.  So far I've showed you a dress and a skirt.  And this whole blog is about dresses.  Not much of a range, huh?  Well, I humbly disagree with you.  I hope you're sitting for this one.


photo credit: Papa-Razzi

Oh man, were you ready for that?  No, neither was I, wait!--


photo credit: Papa-Razzi

Oh, got you again with the body suit hotness.  Yes friends, I, like too few people in the world, have a custom made body suit.  Pictured above with my body suit accomplice, Stank Girl (left), these shiny stretchy wonders are part of a roller derby training program.  Quick Lesson!:
I am in a suit which represents Blocking Zones.  I can hit people with the part of my body that are covered in that fabulous green material.  Stank is in a Target Zone suit.  She can legally be hit in the areas of her body that are covered in that same fabulous green material.  Now you know.
I know those images above cannot be unseen and I apologize for that.  But I'm not done telling you about them.  Stank and I had so much fun picking out this fabric.  We went to a few places in town looking for the just right thing, and over the course of a few evenings held these shimmering pieces of spandex up to our arms, legs, back and butt and sewed these snug little numbers up.  We also amused ourselves greatly by following this guys DEDICATED website to making body suits.  We didn't follow the directions step by step, though.   Stank was the one who was instrumental in getting these done...a totally organic and natural sew-er.

I can hear you now, So much effort for such a singular piece of clothing, it's a shame.  That's not entirely true.  This suit also doubles as my cheering suit for my brother Doug's marathons.  Next marathon will be in Chicago this October!  Mark your calendars!  Hide your children!  Here he is running away from me now:

Go, Doug, Go!

I hope you've enjoyed the "Archives".  I better not go on vacation for a while because that's about all the sewing projects I've ever done and still have around.  I kept some winners.  Be back home soon!  xoxox


  1. Hey Roller Babe,

    I must say you and your partner would most likely glow in the dark!!! I can't keep up with your creativity but, then I am getting older..Lol.

    Loved the spandex outfit and the circle skirt. Keep up the great work and always remember to have fun.

    Dad Mouras

  2. Sandy, I love your catsuit! And that guy's dedicated website on making catsuits is awesome!! My favorite part is his three-part "About Me", where he completely tells his life history, but fails to mention at all why he's interested in catsuits. Such mystery! Such intrigue!


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