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Welcome the (twelve) dresses "Archives", where I'll be rolling out the hits from the 90s, 00s, and today!  We'll start with the 00s.  The year was 2007, the month July, and Matt and I were engaged.

We lived in North Carolina at the time and had plans to move to Wisconsin right after the honeymoon.  Our good friends Cortney and Salina threw a Going Away/Engagement Party for us to celebrate with our friends and family in the area.  It was so nice and we were so touched by all the people that turned out.  Cort and Salina even made "Mourchinasery" brand BBQ sauce for the favor.  That word was the combination of our last names and the name we threatened to both take after we got married.  Sounds nice, doesn't it?
Anyway, to honor this momentous occasion and all their hard work and weeks of planning, I thought it would be fitting to take an hour to hold a few pieces of fabric up to my body, cut out a rough body shape, and sew those pieces all together with whatever thread I had around.  Voila, a dress!  I have to say, despite the time investment it turned out pretty well.  The big stylistic theme of this dress was "Fabric I Like", and a lot can be said about throwing a bunch of favorite pieces together.  

There's my favorite piece now, ZING!

Red thread.  Blue flowers.  Yellow Paisley.  Hotness.
The bubble skirt (yes, it's a bubble skirt.  Pictures can lie!) was ahead of it's time.  This was 2007, people!  Not only was it fashion forward, but it became absolutely necessary when I learned I didn't have enough fabric to make the dress long enough to cover my butt.  The tight band at the bottom held the skirt in place.  The sleeve holes were a little tight, and the bodice a little off center, but it wasn't too uncomfortable and I was happy to be wearing something I made.  You might call this the Zero Dress of the (twelve) dresses project.  I still have it in my closet and will promise to wear it more often.  Seeing these pictures makes me realize how much I like this thing!

Picture with the hostesses!  That smiley face guy is Matt.  He looks that smiley because he's SO happy to be marrying me.  Or I had to replace his face with a stick person because it was a bad picture of him.  I'll never tell.

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  1. LOVE it! There is something to be said about throwing fabric you love into one piece, I agree. Also, you should wear it more often, it looks great.


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