"Archives": The Circle Skirt

I'm glad we're doing these "archives".  Hopefully it makes up the impression of me that you started with, as a someone who doesn't finish what she starts.  This next project might go a step farther though, and convince you that once I commit not only do I finish but I NEVER LET GO.

This archival entry, dialing all the way back to my days at Western Branch High School, is the Circle Skirt.  Why is this project such a bastion of committal and relentlessness?, you ask?  Well, I made this skirt in a day.  Bought the fabric, measured, cut and sewed on one teenaged afternoon.  But I have never ever worn this skirt.  Ever.  And I still have it.  Still have it, and I always know where it is packed, through countless moves and closet purges and basement floods.  Here's it's chance in the sun!

I left the wrinkles for posterity

Um, where are these zipper skillz today?
It's cute enough, fits me better now than it did then, and it even has the investment of decent lining.  But it's not just me...*shrug*...At least now it's been worn.  Back to the basement with you.

Fancy lining, less than fancy facial expression.

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  1. Not only do I remember you making that skirt, I always thought it looked great on you! Too cute now with your green sweater.


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