We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Second Dress Gushing...

...to bring you an important announcement about our basement: It's flooded.  

Our washing machine overflowed, which has happened before but never for three hours without someone finding it.  I left it on and went to work, which I NEVER do, and is why you should never do it either.   I feel awful about it. 

That being said, I'm a pretty happy purger, so getting rid of some of my things is alright with me.  Plus, I think I'm a little numb to all this because last week I found a box of love letters and trinkets from the beginning of mine and Mister's relationship that had succumbed to water damage.  The problem though is that this time around some of Mister's irreplaceable books and works of art are in critical care and that is none too good.

My poor mother-in-law (pictured) was just a few hours from heading home when this happened so this what a send off.  She may never come back.

You may be asking "Why is she sharing this on a dress sewing blog?".  Well, if I grumble a little more about our washing machine during the prewash later this week, you'll understand.

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