This Yoke Will be the Death of Me

This is NOT difficult stuff, people.  There are just a handful of pattern pieces to this dress.  The front and back of the main dress (plus lining for the front and back of the main dress), the front and back of the yoke (plus matching lining for the front and back of the yoke), a buttony thing, and one day, if I'm lucky, I'll get to the belt.  I am trying to sew the yoke pieces to one another and then to the main dress.

Half the time this yoke looks like it's going to eat me:

And the other half of the time I spend convinced that the sewing directions are actually teaching me how to make a noose for myself. A teeny tiny noose that starts like this:

Okay, kidding.  In all actuality, this is not a teeny tiny noose, but a strip of fabric, folded twice, that will eventually become the button holes for the back of the yoke.  Sewing this little s.o.b. was not as simple as it sounds though.  The fabric was so narrow, the needle kept pushing it through the hole the bobbin thread comes out of.  It took waaaayyyy longer than it should have.  And of course, it's part of the yoke.  My darling little yoke.

At the end of the day, after sewing this strip, the buttonholes were a fun little mechanic in this pattern, and actually fun to sew and figure out.  But I just want to whine for a little bit more.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm under a deadline here.

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