Taking Five

So, a very temporary change of pace.  Multicolored stars, etc. can be overwhelming on the eyes, so I'm taking a break to work on another project.

Birthdays are a big deal at my workplace.  December is also a big deal--a busy deal--so this year we celebrated a co-workers birthday in August instead of on her real birthday in December.  My boss was tasked with making all the yummy food, and I was in charge of the card.  Seemed like a good deal for me, but inspired by a recent Angry Chicken post I put the sewing machine to uses other than clothing me.

Angry Chicken blog writer, Amy Karol, is a resourceful and creative woman.  She recently posted a video tutorial on making fabric snack bags.  Armed with my recent knowledge of substitute serging, I was inspired to make a fabric birthday card holder instead.

Setting dial to "Big Fat Zig Zag"!

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