Voila!  I even finished it without thoroughly complaining about all the bodice re-sews.  Yay me!  I really like this dress.  I like this dress and fabric much much more than anticipated, and Matt even gave it the two thumbs up.  His favorite so far.

I'm really glad I didn't make both this and the more casual blue version of the dress side-by-side because I learned so much.  I learned I will probably never (or at least avoid at all costs) sewing with jersey matte fabric again.  I also learned that I am not actually a size 14.  (Tommie, you were right!)  But I also learned that if you leave a zipper out of a dress that supposed to have one, sewing it two sizes larger than you should have definitely helps it to fit better.  At any rate, I did end up being able to sew up the sides of the dress when it was done to create a more snug fit and still fit into it.  To see what I mean, the picture to the right is the before and after of this alteration...the right side is the "before" and the left "after". 

So I did make some adjustments, but overall I'm pleased with the final fit, if not thrilled:

It's a little tight across the back, but otherwise, the adjustments were servicable.  And fit aside, I really like this dress!  It's so satisfying to make your own clothes.  I can wear this out an about and I don't think it will catch people's eye for being misshapen.  In fact, it's a little everyday elegant if you ask me.  And since you're asking me, I'm also going to ask you something: what do you think about the length?  Should I let the hem out a little?  I have about two more inches I could play with.


*Second Dress Report Card*

PATTERN INSTRUCTIONS: Not overly simple, but probably nothing more that a "Beginner/Intermediate" rating.  It takes a few re-readings, and when it doubt I just made it look like the drawing.  Badabing!

PATTERN SIZING: Um, yeah, that was my bad.  I think I measured my waist after a sushi dinner and rice can be very unforgiving with those things.  I'll let you know after the next time.

FABRIC CHOICE: Nope.  Never.  Too stretchy for this girl.  Month Two was too soon to introduce such a stretchy, sticky knit.  LOVE how it looks though.  My anal retentive side was worried about how the vertical pattern would look along curves and the midriff there, but I think it came out great.  Also, I will give the fabric credit for being super super comfy.


Pattern, $10.17 (on sale!  and I'm going to use it twice)
Fabric, $22.56
Notions (interfacing, thread), $5.63 (and I have lots of extra interfacing)
Total $38.36

PERFECT OCCASION:  Work, running around town.  And it has pockets, so really anytime you'd need to carry something would be the perfect occasion.

WOULD I MAKE THIS DRESS AGAIN?: Yep, in fact I've already started.  It's almost the end of the month!


  1. It's a great looking dress. Do you think you're improving with each one? It looks like it to my uneducated eyes. Now which one to wear on Friday? hmmmmmm...

  2. It really is fantastic! I hope you feel proud running around town and the shop in this dress!

  3. Thanks! I was proud of this one.


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