The Second Dress

First, the bad news: I have yet to get my sewing machine back, which is making me sadder than Paula Deen at a margarine factory.  I have been so struck by guilt when I think about following up about it with everything going on in the repairperson's life, but this morning I sent an email off and will hopefully know what's up soon.

On to the good news: in spite of my actual inability to put together a dress, I'm forging ahead with--you guessed it--THE SECOND DRESS!  Again, I know I'm getting a head start on the month, but I am dying to do some sewing right now, and I'm planning a long family vacation in September that will keep me away from any project for a week.  Can we just agree to nickname this blog "(twelve or however many I feel like) dresses"?  

Okay, SECOND DRESS!  I'm trying to learn a few new techniques each time and although I worry I may be skipping ahead a few with this one, who cares, I'm going for it: I'm going to sew with knit jersey.  Behold!!!!:

Not the jacket at all, but I love that dress.  Did someone mention POCKETS!?  Pockets get an MVP award for dress/skirt addition.  I have a feeling I might make this dress more than once.

About the dress: The top half is that damn jersey and the skirt will be cotton.  I'm off to pick up fabric tomorrow and you know how excited I get about that.  I'm looking for a solid color for the top (maybe also in navy) and a bold coordinating printed cotton for the skirt.  I'm going to try to keep in mind that summer is getting precious short around Wisconsin and will try to pull the dress together with more neutral colors and layering in mind.  The last dress was a summer explosion and unfortunately will soon have to go to the back of the closet for a while.

Now, here's a picture of my infamous Buffalo Shorts, which I love.  I sewed these about five years ago and offer as proof positive that jersey knit is my b#@&%.  Plus, I am so confident in the quality of my sewing machine tune up that I am sure the machine alone will make this seem so easy.  But if/when stuff hits the fan, I learn all sorts of new swear words, or I haven't syked myself up enough for this, I know you'll be there for me.

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  1. 2 things to remember when sewing with jersey.
    1. Use a ballpoint needle so it doesn't pull the fabric.
    2. Run a test strip through the machine to make sure you have the right tension.

    If you need some new swear words, call me.
    Love, Mom


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