The Second Dress REMIX! Begins...

Oh man, what a pace.  The Second Dress is still warm from the final fitting and I'm already cutting out the pieces for the Second Dress REMIX!.  This jersey stretch is SOOOOO much easier to cut.  As is the cotton print.  God, I love this fabric.

The trick this time is cutting the correct size.  You see, I'm not the size I thought I was and this one is being cut two sizes smaller than the last.  Should be easy, right?  But the Pieces in the Shape of the Devil's Tail kind of curve at weird places, and because of this curve I often need to cut "beyond the edges" of the pattern.  In other words, I need to wing it.  Here's my best guess:

Sewing the pieces together is a bit easier the second time around, but there will be whole new elements to this dress.  The zipper for instance.  But not the pockets, the pockets are straight up old school, and I'm even better than before:

But, again, the zipper.  Unlike last time, for the Second Dress REMIX! I need to keep the left side of the dress basically open until it's almost all put together.

But I'm getting there.  Eek!  It can't possible be harder than sewing the Devil's Tail, right?

PS, Get ready for a lot of posts, or just a few longer posts before the 1st comes around.  I promise the flood won't last, but for now...tick, tick, tick, tick..........

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