Ready to Wear vs Pattern Sizing

Whoa.  It is quite a thing to see your dress size double before your very eyes.  I had always heard that pattern sizing is higher that street clothes sizing, or "ready to wear" clothes as the industry calls them, but I had no idea the level of deception at work here!

Now, don't get me wrong here.  I'm pretty body positive in general: at the end of the day, a number is a number is a number, and just that.  But I'll admit--before that day ended I had a little bit of "sticker shock" when I learned I was a size 14.  (PS, That's just one size behind that little hottie Miss Marilyn Monroe...eat your heart out!)

So, why didn't I catch this sooner?  Well, I guess the First Dress, the Amy Butler pattern, has more modern sizing, whatever that means, so I was pretty much the same size as the clothes in my closet.  Simplicity changed it up on me a bit, though.  They very much follow the traditional sizing scheme.

Okay, so sticker shock is over, I finally got caught up to what my real pattern size is.  We're done here, right?  WRONG!  I bought all my fabric based on my street clothes assumption.  For both dresses.  Unlike a good seamstress, I haven't memorized my measurements yet and have about a half a yard of fabric less than I'll need.  Whoops!
I realize body image, weight, and clothes sizes can be a really sensitive subject.  I hope I didn't gloss over anything here that offends you and would be curious to hear your thoughts on this topic.  While you're gathering those, though, I'm off to the dress shop to pick up a few more yards.


  1. Are you sure you're a 14? I have a suspicion that you will be swimming in a 14. I'm aware how the sizing works, but that's a 28" waist. I can't imagine you have a 28" waist.

  2. 28" almost exactly. Your comment is a bit of a relief though, I was still wondering if I measured myself wrong...

  3. There is no way you are a 14. Can't imagine what that would mean I am.....
    Love, Mom

  4. Whatever size you are, it looks lovely to me :)


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