The Pressure of Having Five Days Left

Okay, it's a whirlwind around here.  There are only five days between now and the end of the month...tick, tick tick, tick....... 

I woke up early yesterday to get a head start on the Second Dress.  It's is soooooo great leaving the zipper out.  It's saving tons of time, but even better: It's super satisfying to fly a stitch up the side of a dress while the instructions are telling you to do eight other things to it instead.  In light of my rule bending, the bodice is already done.  Here's proof!:

Please excuse my nasty water stained iron covering board in the background (which you can't really see 'cause it flashed out...whew!).  I also took some pictures with me in the bodice so you could see how well it fit, but those looked a little risque.  Like, "a close up of my boobs" risque, so yeah...enjoy the messed up picture of the ironing board.

There were a lot of moving pieces to this thingamajig.  The midriff waistband was lined and interfaced, so at one point that meant sewing through four thicknessess of fabric.  But really, you can't even tell.  It doesn't bunch around the waist. I'm a pro.  Well, maybe not a complete pro.  It may not bunch but the fabric pieces didn't match up exactly so they gathered a bit.  There are quite a few of these:

Whoopsie!  It'll be fine....If I weren't under a timeline I would have gone back and shortened the bodice piece itself, but whatever.  It's not going to bother me.

So next steps: Attach the skirt and the pockets.  (POCKETS!)  Then the sleevage/kinda' bodice liner looking thing...you know, this>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

And it turns out I really like the brownish-gray fabric anyway.  Maybe not to work with, but this is going to be a pretty dress, and the dark fabric is REALLY forgiving...I know.  I'm a waffler.  A waffler who has a lot of sewing to do.  Tah-tah!

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  1. Way to sew, girlfriend! I love keeping up with your blog. And I'm super excited to see how this dress turns out. I love jersey and I love pockets, too! This one might be more my speed. Ooh, the suspense!


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