Pockets! Skirt! It Looks Like a Dress!

Okay, so bodice is done!  On to the skirt, which is pretty fun, because of....ooooooh, pocketsss......

That is pretty sweet, don't you think?  I wish I could/would go back and put pockets into the Anna Tunic, but I never will.  I just know I won't, which is too bad because they are so easy.  Pockets are just doubled up kidney-shaped pieces of fabric sewn into side seams.  Since I'm not going to go back in time to change the First Dress, I will at least promise this for Dresses Three through Twelve: I will pocket liberally.

I had to try them out immediately, but this is when I started to doubt my sizing again...

No problem, I gathered the heck out of this mother.  In doing so, turns out I added another item to the List of Things I've Learned So Far:

6) Baste stitch for gathering with a thread that's a contrasting color.  Can you find the gathering here?:

NO.  You can't.  Neither did I for a while.  But once I got moving, oh boy, I do love to gather.  It's so satisfying to cinch it all up!  And then a little assembly, a little backyard photography, and BAM!:

Told you it's starting to look like a dress...


  1. Thanks Dawn, great to hear from you. If you're a sew-er, please stay tuned because I always have A LOT of questions. Thanks for the tip on the hemming tool. I will get one of those asap.


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