Looking through my closet...

I know that I am making twelve dresses this year, but that's hardly what I think of when I look at a dress. 

As I look through my closet today, filled with dresses I have not made, I see some of the dresses I wore on the most important days on my life.  Or my friends' and family's lives.  Looking in my closet I see the dress I wore in E's wedding and the dress I didn't wear when J eloped.   I see the dress I wore for a fancy dinner in Chicago, a roller derby meeting in Madison, and a night out with friends in any Virginian city you can name. The dress I wore the night my husband proposed to me.  The dress I wore to S&E's wedding.  A&C's wedding.  Gram's funeral.  And one I will wear to a funeral this Friday.  I see the dresses that, every time I pull out of the closet, remind me of a single, important event.

Where will I wear the dresses I make this year?  What will they remind me of in five years' time?   Who knows.  That's a little ambitious for the time being.  But what I do know is that the Mister promised a night out with him to celebrate the first one, and that seems like a truly promising place to start.

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