A Laundry List of Sins

I have to get these off my chest.  So far I have...

...Used one of the pain in the butt to cut bodice lining pieces to test thread tension thinking it was a piece of scrap fabric.

...Sewn the pockets on the wrong side (meaning a left one on the skirt back and a right one on the skirt front). (Not a big deal with this dress, but the REMIX! will need a zipper, and that's a problem.)

...Sewn one of the skirt panels upside down.  You can tell here:

...Twisted up the lining around the bodice and sewed it to the verge of completion without realizing.  And by sewing, I'm including backstitching and trimming the seams.  More on this to come later...

But I do get a bonus point back for thinking to cut this skirt longer than called for after the First Dress was officially declared a Long Shirt, right?

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