It Begins!

Are you ready for this?....WOOHOO!  The sewing of the First Dress has begun!  Now, I don't want to jinx myself, but I feel like I'll have this pretty little number wrapped up inside of a month, no problem.  I'm pacing myself though.  (While I'm excited now, shouting "woohoo" all the time at the top of my lungs takes a lot out of me.)

You can see the lining, and you can also see how unflattering this dress looks laid out flat on my dining room table!

The first step is to put the front and back panels together for the exterior and lining, then sew the lining in.  Sew. the lining. in.  AH!  That is some intimidating stuff.  But I did it, and it looks goooood.  The second step was to put the dress on and make a fool of myself:

You can tell by my hands I'm probably singing to myself while I'm taking this picture.
God, I am so awesome.


In addition to the personal success I'm feeling right now, the fun of this project truly is sharing it with the people I love.  The Mister was really excited to have me (everyfiveminutes) holding up a shapeless vaguely dressish thing with promises of progress.  Look, the armhole is reinforced!  Look, the seams are pressed out!  Look, that blood from when I stabbed my finger tip doesn't even show!  Progress, progress, progress!

As all of these wonderful things are happening though, I have to admit that I'm second guessing some of my aesthetic choices.  For instance, it's bothering me a little that the buttons for the dress are blue, but the thread for the project is green.  Is that weird?

Weird?  What do you think?

It's also bothering me that I didn't let myself get talked into a fun lining.  White is SO BORING.  I don't think I can stand to look at much longer, and I feel particularly nervous when handling it because it's so stark white.  Especially with bloody fingertips.  From here on out, mark my words: fun lining all the time.


  1. Whoa! That looks good on you already :)

  2. It's turning out so nice, but I still think it needs a big, honking flower on the left shoulder.

    What were you singing?
    Love, Mom


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