Interfacing UPDATE

In a previous post, I hinted at some recutting I would have done if I weren't a handful of days away from the end of the month.  Specifically, I would have adjusted the bodice a little.  I'm hoping using a rotary cutter in the future will help me to avoid some of these mismatches, but it was just one part of the dress, so it's really not a big deal.

What I am tripped up on is the interfacing and how it was actually suppose to cut it.  Because I'll tell you now, I did not cut it the way I was supposed to.  Don't look at me like...it didn't fit.  How would you have cut this???:
Hear me out: I had the right length and width of interfacing (stretchy interfacing no less!).  What I interpreted this schematic to mean was to fold the interface "hotdog style" (or long ways if you had a boring elementary school teacher) just a wee bit, with selvedges matching.  You'd fold it just far enough to cut two of those number 5 pieces, twice.  Again, since the hotdog fold only went a wee way, you'd then also have a place where you had a single layer where you cut piece 3 and piece 4.

Well, the stretch of the stretch interface would only match up if I folded it "hamburger style" (read: short ways).  On top of that, even if I stuck with the hotdog fold, there was no way I was going to get piece 3 or piece cut out in one piece.  So now I have a ton of interfacing left.  Which is great, because you may have heard I haven't always had enough fabric to complete these projects.  But this is weird, right?

UPDATE: I have an extra piece number 5.  What does that mean????


  1. Hi,
    I've been checking your blog and I'm impressed with your accomplishments. I have alot of patterns and fabric that I will go through and see if any might be what you might like. I also have a serger that needs servicing but I probably won't be using it much anymore, if you're interested.

    Of course, you have to call me to figure how we can arrange for you to get it.

    Love to Matt and you.

  2. Hi Granny! I'm so excited you're reading this! I might take you up on the serger, but in the meantime, glad we can keep up with one another here, too :)

  3. Granny read your blog at my house while she was visiting. Don't think you'll be hearing from her much via your blog, unless I get Uncle Tim to start following you.


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