Hemming it up!

AHH!  I may have overreacted.  The First Dress is almost done, and way ahead of schedule!!!  Sewing has been very therapeutic for me these last few days, so I've been approaching the Anna Tunic at a breakneck pace.  I've ripped out more pieces than I care to reflect on and am instead moving forward with good tidings: The hemming has commenced!

Whoa, momma!
To tidy up the good word on the yoke though: it finally behaved and it looks mah-velous.  There was this clever little step for the gathering in the front center panel I want to share.  Back when I was attaching the lining, a step called for two basting stitches to be made in the seam allowance in the center of the upper front panel seam.  Next, it asked you just to leave these suckers alone for a few steps.  When it came time to attach the yoke, you then pulled on the thread on either side of the six-ish inch basting stitches to gather the fabric to make a pretty little detail.  I did this twice, what with all the seam ripping, so I feel like I got pretty good at it.

So, the hemming.  I've always been freaked out by hemming.  Instructions for it always seem very very freehand but it actually needs to be so very very exact.  It brings out the worst in me!  I'm too casual to get a ruler out and actually measure the inch and a half it calls for, that seems embarrassingly meticulous.  But I'm still type-a enough to freak out about eye balling it.  At the end of the day, I am more comfortable freaking out about eyeballs, so that's the route I went.  SO CLOSE.

I also freehanded some sleevage hemming.  Check out my mad skillz, yo:

Freehand, dawg.


  1. Some day we should hem together. I have a little trick I use that is somewhere between eyeballing and measuring. It doesn't take a lot of meticulous work and you get a pretty even hem out of it.

  2. You must get a little tool that helps you measure hems. It's about 6" long and has a little guide that slides up or down. You just put the little guide where you want it (say 2") and just fold the fabric up to the guide and pin. It will be the same all the way around. Probably costs less than 2 bucks!
    Dawn (your mom & dad's friend)


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