It's done!  It's official!  And it's SHORT!  And...it had perfect timing, I had to return the sewing machine to a friend so she could put the finishing touches on a special body suit we made.  (More posts to come on that later, maybe while I'm on sewing machine hiatus...)  I actually finished the dress last weekend, but needed to get good pictures of the dress before posting.  

If you feel like you're looking up my skirt, you might be.  The Mister took these pictures.

Anyway...oh my gosh, I'm still so excited to make eleven more of these things!  I can't wait to work on pockets, pleating, adjusting patterns, and learning how to do button holes.  Have I mentioned I already bought two more patterns?   I might start my second dress before the next month--make it a bakers dozen--if I get my sewing machine back this week as scheduled.


*First Dress Report Card*

I had my good friend take a quick peek at it to give tips on some of the things that bugged me.  It's a little long in the arm holes (Exhibit A), and a little poofy in the hunchback area (Exhibit B), so that's unflattering.  We determined I just need to do some darting, but overall I give this dress an A++ for cuteness (Exhibit C...okay, maybe this is just me being cute).

Exhibit A                                      Exhibit B                                               Exhibit C

PATTERN INSTRUCTIONS: Clear, but required this novice's full concentration. I tried listening to music but that did not work.  (Loretta Lynn on Pandora Radio is a favorite when I'm doing housewife-ily things.)  I highly recommend the whole advance reading.  Fabric use was resourceful.

PATTERN SIZING: A little off, but this time I blame myself...maybe I just don't know how to measure my bust?  Is it with or without a bra on?

FABRIC CHOICE: Like I mentioned, I would have picked a fabric with a clearer front/back had I thought that far ahead (thanks for the tip Tommie Gunn!), and the stars were a little too dazzling in week two of starting at it, but this is one-of-a-kind.  I love this dress.

FINANCIALS (by popular demand): Note:
I'm trying to use independent pattern makers and natural fibers, so if you plan on making twelve dresses your budget may vary greatly:
Pattern, $16.00
Fabric (lining and exterior), $31.10
Notions, $5.50  
Total $52.60

PERFECT OCCASION:  All of summertime!  (Minus work, it's probably a little short for work...)

WOULD I MAKE THIS DRESS AGAIN?: In a heartbeat.  I'm thinking of ditching the yoke gathering and making it in a woolly fabric for winter.


YAY, First Dress was a success.  Any suggestions for the next....?

(Also, if you'd like, be sure to check out all the completed projects on the Finished Dress Gallery page.)


  1. Sandy this is so cool! I'm so impressed that you MADE YOUR OWN DRESS!

  2. Hey Hannah (I'm guessing)...your google handle is awesome, you sound like a convention unto yourself.

  3. Yes, H-con is my second name. I would have put my real name, but it automatically put H-con, so I just left it!

  4. Looks great! Congrats! To measure your bust wear the bra you plan to wear with the outfit you are making (or just the one you wear most often).

  5. Hey - I know you are going for independent pattern makers but I LOVE vintage patterns...This site is a good one and reasonbly priced. Sometimes you find a gem!
    I found a 70's tunic on here that makes me want to sew - sheesh - look what you are inspiring!

  6. Wow, San! I'm so impressed with you!! Amazingly talented, as always. Love you. :)

    (I haven't quite gotten this comment thing down - didn't mean to be "anonymous.") ;)


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