Fabric Remorse

What's a working girl to do?  I spent my lunch half-hour hopping over to Gayfeathers to pick out fabric for the Second Dress.  I knew a half-hour wouldn't be enough, but I'm pretty stubborn when I have a checklist of things to-do in hand.  I went in looking for a solid stretch navy and a coordinating print, but instead left with two yards of a pretty, but maybe not quite right, brown-gray stretch:

These pictures make it more drab than it really is...I had to take them inside.  Stupid rain.
I had a strong inclination towards a "fall appropriate fabric", which initially drew me to navy, and ultimately to this fabric too.  But I think I fully committed to the change when I convinced myself that it would be easier to sew the dress in all the same type of fabric.  (Is that even true??)  Either way, I left the shop with the brown-gray stretch.  Not the navy blue.  Not the fun, bold cotton coordinate.

Le sigh...

Don't get me wrong, I think it will make a nice dress, and this fabric is perfectly suitable for a super fun lining (I'm thinking lilac), but I'm not Japanese school girl excited about it.  Plus, I really loved the fullness of the skirt when made with a cotton fabric versus a stretch knit.  

What's a girl to do?!

I think I have three options here:

Option A: Love the one you're with and make this dress with this fabric.  You can always make another one!
Option B: Get thee back to a fabrick shoppe and get thee thy fabric thou wanteth!
Devious Option C: First, stop talking like Shakespeare. Then, make two dresses.  One with this fabric and one with the other fabric you'll have after a quick trip back to the fabric shop.

Oooh, now that I mention it, I'm kind of excited about Devious Option C...

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  1. Go for both. If you have to give yourself 3 options, you're not convinced #1 is for you.


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