The Devil's Tail

So the Bodice Lining, which the pattern calls the Shoulder Bands, but I will only refer to now as the Pattern Pieces in the Shape of the Devil's Tail, is no fun.  It must be me because this pattern had gotten such high marks on other websites, but it is really challenging.  It's great watching it come together, because it's such a cool, crisp piece, but getting there is an exercise in punishment.

The Pattern Pieces in the Shape of the Devil's Tail have so many similarly shaped curves that when they are sewn together, it's hard to tell which way it up.  Please pay attention to this, otherwise you will pin, stitch, clip, press, attach, stitch and backstitch the pieces together before realizing...before even understanding it is a possibility...that the pieces have twisted around to form your very own handmade Möbius strip.

Check out those water stains now!

ANYWAY, I finally got the hang of it, and after a series of deep breaths and some all too familiar seam ripping, I untwisted, sewed and ended up with this:

Almost there!

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