Cutting the Second Dress

So, for a few reasons...namely that I don't have enough fabric to start the Second Dress REMIX!...I have decided to make one dress at a time this month.  They still have to be done within a month though, which is coming up quickly.  The delayed sewing machine and overactive washing didn't help either, but still, I press on.

I've started cutting the Second Dress.  I am so fortunate that those special ladies at Gayfeathers always make their fabric cuts generous so I didn't have to go back for more!   Plus, you know how I love the crinkle of a good piece of pattern paper!  AND!  I feel totally professional when I iron the pattern pieces before using as instructed.  Lah-dee-dah-dah!

I do have this to say though: Have you ever tried to cut matte jersey?  And in weird shapes like this?!:

Whew.  That was a little weird.  I learned a helpful hint for next time: use a rotary cutter.  Any and other other tips for working with this stuff are welcome.


Also, have you ever tried folding matte jersey?!  Not an easy task, my friend.  It almost sticks together and is difficult to get to lay flat.  This piece had to be folded almost like of like a burrito so there were two folds to cut on.  The selvedges met in the middle.  If you're working with a striped pattern like I am, I'd also advise making sure the folds are consistent so you don't have a pattern along the middle seam that starts
      on you.

Finally, I remembered the importance of cutting the notches in all the patterns for matching up later on.  It's not just a dangly little step to be ignored.  Who knew?  So anyway....Ball point needle in hand (most advised when sewing with stretch knit), I'm off to assemble these mothers.


  1. Forge on girl! I love love LOVE that last photo!

  2. Try cutting your notches out instead of in, then you won't have those little bits to deal with.

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