Almost Done

The last step was the belt, which is a little thin for my taste.  Same process as those damned dirty buttonhole loops, fold in half, in half again, and sew all the way around:

Someone found the flash on her camera...!

Speaking of the button hole loops, I've attached the buttons and they are a little wonky.  Any suggestions?

Similar to the flashed out mess above, this is also not a great picture.  It looks like some of the buttons are practically sideways...but that's not my problem.  Maybe.  My concern: All of the loops are the same length, and I was pretty meticulous about all the buttons being the same distance from the edge.  Why are some buttons not firmly "buttoning"?...that's what I mean by wonky.


  1. I think I would use bigger buttons. It looks like those are just going to come right back out of the loops on their own.

  2. YES! Thank you Tommie, I'm totally doing just that.


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