Twelve Dresses? Say what now?

Hello all!  Thanks for joining me during this year long goal.  In 365 calendar days, I hope to have twelve more dresses in my closet made by yours truly.  And with any luck, I'll probably buy an additional one or two along the way....

"Why dresses?", you ask?  That's easy.  I love dresses.  Like, really, really love them.  Not only are dresses great because you don't need to match them to anything (one piece, and you're ready to go), they are also fun and totally comfy.  You can dress up, dress down, dress dress.  All in dresses.  I love dresses.  AND I love leg wear, dressy or not: Thank god for great stockings because midwestern winters can be pretty tough on a girl who wears frilly little frocks as often as possible.

"Well, what kinds of dresses will you be making?"  Um, hmmm...although I'm eyeing a complicated pattern I hope to one day call my own, right now I have no loftier goals than quantity.  If there are fun events along the way I might keep those in mind and maybe create and wear something I can be proud of.  Oh, and maybe the Mister will take me out every one and a while to show of my fine new linens.  But seriously, I'm just trying to keep my head down and make twelve of them suckers....

"Okay, dresses..got it.  You love them, you crazy bird.  Why one a month?"  Well, it's a pretty defined goal that has a pretty substantial reward.  I mean TWELVE freakin' dresses!?  And a month is a good clip.  The aforementioned Mister and I lead pretty busy lives.  We both work full time, plus he's a full time student and I play a kick ass sport that takes up a lot of time, so a month should keep me moving but not totally stress me out.....right, Mister?....right?

"So why a blog?"  Well, if you're not planning on making twelve dresses, a blog will let you live vicariously through me!   But also a blog will keep me on track, share what I learn, let you point out what I don't, and hopefully just give me a way to brag about what I hope are the most beautiful of all the fabrics in all the realm.

So here we go, off to do something fun and get a little messy.....


  1. Sandy,

    Girl, you never cease to amaze me. Denise and I will be cheering you on as your closet grows.

    Looking forward to seeing you and Matt next month.


    Dad Mouras

  2. I'm so glad that the gene got passed down. Now, if I could just get you addicted to knitting....

    It's going to be beautiful.

    And, you're right--NEVER skip the prewash.
    Love, Mom

  3. You are just too damn cute! I'll be keeping my eye on you and if you start slackin' I'll come over and poke you with a stick ;-) Actually, once you get into the months of the Midwestern winters, there's nothing better than sitting down at the sewing machine when the snow is flying outside.

  4. I find the snow soothing to my flaring temper when I do things like skip the prewash or sew my garment-to-be to my shirt sleeve.

    But yay for sewing! Yay for goals! Yay for learning new skills! Hooray for for you, I'm excited to witness this undertaking!

  5. What a grand adventure! You'll have a blast, misses. Your first night out will come with your first completed dress :)

  6. Sandy, I LOVE your blog! Totally, vicariously going to live through you on this one, because it's been taking me more than a month to do a pretty simple bag! I'm working on a purse (with lining...that's the tricky part!) from a book Amy Karol published. Love it!
    I did recently almost buy that exact same pattern from Gayfeather, though. Seriously. But then I remembered my limp little purse parts at home and restrained myself. We should get together for some plein aire sewing sometime! With the mosquitoes! Fun, non? :)


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