Pattern Paper rocks my socks

Confession: Last night I took the pattern to bed.  It was anything but scandalous...I wanted to faithfully read every step for sewing this dress before I did anything else.  There are some clever people out there, those people that make patterns.   Clever.   And now that have gained Dress Clairvoyance, the *snip*snip*snip* can begin and the dress will finally be off to a rolling start!

Mommy needs a new pair of scissors...
"Finally", you say?  Well, time for another confession: Even if they were published just recently, I wrote my first couple of posts a few weeks ago...back when I dropped off my sewing machine to get tuned up.  I figured it'd be a week.  Well, sadly I was wrong.  Very sadly: the father of the gentleman whose family business has been servicing Madison sewing machines for 30 years passed away after a long battle with Alzheimer's.  Clearly that pushed back repair times, and rightfully so.  Just because I'm pumped up about some dumb dress project doesn't mean he has to shake a leg at a time like that!  So if you're in Madison and need your sewing machine or vacuum repaired, please check this guy out.  It's Hans Sewing Center on Willy St.  I'd hope all of his customers would be understanding, but it's hard to say what it did for business.  In the meantime, while I wait for the machine and life to get back on track, I'm borrowing my very dear friend's sewing machine and trying very hard not to interrupt her ever-ambitious crafting schedule...thank you Ms. Stench Wench!!!

So anyway, on with the dumb dress project that I am, in all honesty, still veryvery excited about.  *snip*snip*snip*  Don't you just love pattern paper?  It's so intricate and still simple at the same time.  I sometimes wish I could paper mache my house in itAnd after twelve dresses I just might be able to do that...


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