The First Dress: August 2010

...don't even tell me "But it's not August..." on the 26th of July.  (I'm looking at you, Brother...) I get a few extra days for the first one, deal?

Thanks to the helpful ladies at Gayfeather here in Madison, I'm armed with my first pattern, first fabric, and a sewing machine on it's way to a tune up.  You can't stop this party!

The first dress is a design from Amy Butler.  I've seen her stuff on some of my favorite blogs so I was happy and surprised that she had a pattern that seemed easy enough for a First Project.  It's called the "anna tunic", and that's because--are you ready for this?--'the clean lines give this dress "annatude"'.  You agree, non?

The pattern comes with several variations: Tunic (shown), Cami, Dress, and Mini Dress.  The Mini Dress is where we're heading, folks, and if you know anything about me you should have seen that one coming a mile away.  There's also an option to make a flower pin (you can see that in the picture above), but we'll have to see about that.

Picking out the fabric was super fun.  I almost want to finish this project already so I can go back and pick out more fabric for the next one.  I say almost because the fabric this time around is pretty sweet too.  Yep, that's right...I get to relish in this fabulousness for the next 30 days!:


It's a 100% cotton poplin batik from Indonesia, and 2-3/8 yards of summery, starry fun!  I think this fabric is pretty intense and if the sewing of it doesn't make me go cross eyed, I know it's going to be an adorable dress.  Stars have been a favorite thing for me lately.

The Mister thinks it's a little "hippie", but I think he just doesn't have the vision.

Here's the lining, it's a white voile...pronounced like "foil" with a "v".  It's lighter weight than muslin, and needs to be prewashed twice (two times!) in hot water.  I was told to never skip the prewash.  Damn.

So wish me luck!  I'm off to wash the fabric and cut the patterns.  And hope my sewing machine gets tuned up tout de suite.  I'll keep you posted!

***I really do want to pay a special thanks the ladies at Gayfeather.  I told them about this yearlong project and they answered all my questions, walked through patterns with me, and helped me pick some ideal fabrics.  I am sure they will become sewing mentors to me over the course of this project.  Plus, they have nifty little customer rewards cards that I am sure to fill up several times over in the coming year!  You want one, I know it.


  1. You have to make the flower pin! Or, send me the directions and I'll see what I have in my stash to make one for you.

  2. I'm with mom... that flower pin is dope.

    Hmmmm... It doesn't look hippie-ish on the screen. Maybe I was way off base. Shouldn't I know to trust your dress vision by now?

  3. You decided against the flower?

    Great work. I'm impressed!


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