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Remember how excited I was about all that new fabric I'm going to get to buy?  Well, to justify all the purchases on my horizon, I organized--for the first time ever--all the fabric I currently have.  That's about 16 years worth of cottons, polyesters, knits, flannels, and whothehellknowswhat to make sense of.  And for a casual sewer, it was an inexplicable amount of fabric.  *cought*Mom*cough*....

To the trash heap!  Some of you might recognize my infamous Buffalo Shorts fabric...
But I organized!  Oh, how I organized...I separated reds, blues, neutrals, BIG prints, silks.  I even measured and recorded the decent size pieces.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am on the road to success.  I'm so proud of this accomplishment.   In fact, I'm so proud I'm even going to share the most dubious of them: I threw away two unfinished, but almost finished, projects.  Gone.  In the trash.  And our trash pick up is just precious hours away!!!!!  (And I'm not going to post pictures of the tossaways, lest your comments send me into my garbage bins wondering "Why, WHY?!".  So there.)

The first one to hit the garbage was a dress I made by draping fabric across my body and trying to make it ruffly and flouncy.   Eyeballing a tiered, floor length dress with nothing but an image from the J. Crew website to guide me...sounds like a great plan, right?   Under my skilled hands, the ruffles became flabby gills drowning my body and the flounces became grotesque bulges of hideous proportions and angles.  Not even the sweet, pink daisy embroidered fabric could save it, which is really too bad because it was about $100 worth of it bought at a time when my paychecks barely covered rent.   I whistled a happy little tune as that ugly piece of failure hit the trash heap.

Hint!  There is actually a scrap of the quilt backing in this shot.
The second reject was the (makings of a) back for a quilt the Mister and I were going to make together when we first started dating.  This was a little tougher to part with.  We dug through every remnant bin in the Harrisonburg, VA area and salvaged all we liked, all that had "potential".  (The making of a disaster are spelled out in that one word, I know.)  And even though I couldn't bear to part with some of the top pieces, the backing was cathartic.   The Quilt That Never Was has officially dissolved, freeing up those tops to reach a new potential in other projects.  Probably projects without the Mister, but definitely with him in mind.  I'll let you know if any of those scraps show up in future projects on this blog.

It's a nice reminder of how great a clean slate can be.  After some heavy soul searching, my sewing table is clear.  Amen.

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  1. Wow... what a touching post. I'm proud of you for moving forward with a clean slate.


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