About the First Dress

Oh, my people!  I'm so sorry!  I've been so excited about the new fabrics I'm becoming besties with and pattern paper as home decor that I've hardly talked about the First Dress itself!  How RUDE!  So even though I'm a still a little drunk on paper love (and Stephanie Tanner all of a sudden) let me attempt to fill you in on where we're heading.

So just a refresher...the Anna Tunic* is the brain child of the fabulous midwestern designer Amy Butler.  The Anna Tunic is a simple dress and I chose it because of that.  But also because I already own about three dresses that look like it and I love them all.  It was a simple decision.  Amy Butler also prints her own fabrics, which I won't attempt to do in these twelve months, but I may use one or two of hers down the road.  I think fabric making is pretty amazing.  I have an Auntie and a friend, LoSh, who went to school for textile design...jealous!  And I have a vague memory of a great fabric printing blog I stumbled on a few years back and can't find it now, so here's a textiley eye candy substitute: print & pattern.

AH!  I'm talking all about fabric again!  The dress!  The dress!

I know the first picture of the finished dress didn't offer much detail, so I did a little flickr search and came up with some close ups for you sexy beasts.  So, remember, this is not my picture!  Not even me, although maybe it looks like me because she's brunette.  (And remind me to tell you a funny story of when my lips looked as full as that upper left hand picture...):

I'm pretty sure this is an Amy Butler fabric too.  I like this better with the belt, what do you think?  I love the button closure.  I love it because it's classy.  But it also means I don't have to sew in a zipper.  And since they aren't regular buttons, they are shaft buttons, I don't have to do button holes either...WIN!  The yoke is wide and will make for cute little faux cap sleeves.  I might do some machine quilting patterning on the yoke to make it unique, not just a field of fabric, but we'll see.  (For examples of what I'm talking about see here and here.)

And finally, some of you HATERS out there are trying to talk me into this flower pin, but don't think I'm buying it.  It's not that I wouldn't like it on you, but it's too much for me.  I'm not an accessories girl (other than the aforementioned leg wear).  If the dress is done and there's a ton of time left in the month, then maybe....maybe.

Sewing begins Monday...I promise!

*annatude included


  1. Love the belt! Love the buttons! And Love the fabric you are working with! No strong feeling either way about the flower! It's a great tunic! Can't wait to hear how the assembly goes!

  2. Thanks Lindy, yay! Love the enthusiasm!

  3. How can you say that we're haters? All we want to do is spread the beauty!
    Lonesome Master Gardener in Virginia


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